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Your Playlist Sucks

Nov 2, 2020

This episode Dr. Alan Shiner regales us with stories that span his career of over 50 years in the music industry. From composing his first jingle (967-1111 Call Pizza Pizza) in high school, a jingle so famous it has been cited in case law for being used by border guards to tell real Canadians from the would-be Canucks, to writing an international hit with over 15 million copies sold, Alan Shiner gives us a glimpse into his work as a composer, music director/conductor, producer and a performer. His music career is astounding both in its longevity and breadth, not to mention the fact that for many years he was simultaneously running his own dentistry practice. Mark and Enbani get the origin story, beginning with his first composition at age 11 and then the The Nova Sounds, a band that Alan entered into a high school talent show on a dare (and won!) and now has thousands of performances under their belts. 

Join our hosts as they discuss what makes a tune persist in people's minds with the King of Jingles (Marineland, Sleep Country Canada, African Lion Safari, Coca-Cola, to name just a few) and learn how Alan's charm, audacity and a little knowledge of celebrity gossip got him playing his song on the piano for Mariah Carey and then being flown to London to record.  You can find out more about Alan's work at