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Your Playlist Sucks

Sep 30, 2020

Episode 6, AKA the episode when Mark and Enbani finally tear into each other and go for the jugular.  The time for puff pieces and complimenting each other has passed.  In this episode, our hosts investigate how masculinity is depicted in popular culture and what it means to be a man through their 10-song music playlists available on Spotify here.   

Enbani discusses the importance of self-determination and gives credit to businessman Jay-Z for making it out of Marcy Houses in Brooklyn (I Did It My Way by Jay-Z), while Mark gives a sharp critique of "shiny suit" rap.  You'll also learn about the curious but disturbing social phenomenon of My Way karaoke killings.  Our hosts consider the subtle ways in which boys are taught how to express (or not express) their emotions (Boys Don't Cry by The Cure), and the musical figures that have shed light on issues of gender identity and expression, consequently pushing their listeners and all of us toward a more just and inclusive society (Androgenous by the Replacements). 

Not to worry, Enbani and Mark eventually come together over their shared love of Kid Cudi (Heart of a Lion), as they discuss his struggles with mental health and his immense impact on the genre of rap.