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Your Playlist Sucks

Sep 16, 2020

Hosts Mark and Enbani get to know each other on a completely new level, talking love (or something like it). In this episode, our hosts dissect the 10-song playlists they each made to show the arc of a relationship (beginning, middle and end), leading them to question what they've learned about themselves in the process. Listen to the playlists on our website here or on Spotify

After convincing Mark not to make a playlist of only "Our Song by Taylor Swift" we left this week's theme Soundtrack to a Relationship to the experts. Enbani pinpoints Mark's love language (it's punk rock) and reflects on overcoming insecurities (Focus on You by KYLE). 

If you're curious about their romantic sides, you'll learn their views on marriage (Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays), how their perceptions of love have changed over time (Best I Ever Had by Drake), the relationship to music they hope their partners will have and the deal breakers that are doomed to end in heartache. 

This episode also serves as a preview of the nine-part series Enbani continues to pitch to us producers about Toronto's own Champagne Papi, Drake.