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Your Playlist Sucks

Sep 9, 2020

Hosts Enbani and Mark share stories about their childhoods as they continue to piece together the origins of their musical taste, starting with none other than their moms, Arlene and Linda.  Listen to the full playlists here.

In this episode, we learn about their larger than life moms, the reluctant kitchen dance parties, and precisely what sounds surrounded them when they were kids, when plugging headphones into the fridge-sized record player or blasting the revolutionary 6-disc CD changer.  You'll learn which mom song was so popular it was beamed into space, what Milli Vanilli has in common with Russia's Greatest Love Machine and in the last segment, Enbani gives a lightning history lesson in the origins of Doo-Wop and its influence on modern day R&B that will have you enthralled.  With all that packed into one episode, the DJ Khaled impressions are just the icing on the cake.