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Your Playlist Sucks

Sep 1, 2020

Enbani and Mark sit down with DJ/Singer Lauren "Lolo" Mayhew, taking it back to the beginning of her music career and growing up in Tampa, Florida. Lauren describes everything from getting signed by Epic Sony as a teen with girl band P.Y.T. opening for Destiny's Child, N*Sync and Britney Spears to falling in love with dance music while on exchange in Spain.  Lauren recalls how her focus shifted to songwriting and what Mark describes as "arguably the most anyone has ever gotten out of a Bumble date" and the lasting impact on her DJing career.

We talk Deep House and Tropical House, behind the scenes of the Billboard Dance Charts and Lauren gives us a taste of her new single "We Are Home" with Mariline. She tells us what prompted her move from LA to NY, the key to getting a crowd going at LAVO and why she vibes with the city.  

Lauren has exciting collabs coming up with artists like Leandro Da Silva, NY duo Black Caviar, Cazzette and can be found on Instagram and Twitter @lolomayhew.