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Your Playlist Sucks

Aug 26, 2020

Sure, you can sway to a great tune, bob, tap your foot or fist pump, but none of these will get you noticed for this week's theme - ultimate songs to get you on the dance floor.  Hosts Enbani and Mark break down their top ten greatest dance tracks of all time, whether you're grandma or the baby wearing headphones at a concert in Brooklyn.  Listen to the playlists here

We don't mean songs that are fun to dance to, we mean the song that you hear and immediately go "Hold that thought, first we dance" and grab your friend.  You know exactly what we're talking about and in an ideal world, a great party, be it a wedding or an anti-Valentine's Day dance fest at Littlefield, would be exclusively spinning bangers. 

Learn which Jean-Claude Van Damme movie inspired the dance from "Danza Kuduro" by Don Omar and the history behind this dance from Angola.  Mark and Enbani discuss the relationship between music and movement and which New York dancing staples they are eager to hit up when it's safe to bump n' grind.  Tune in for some solid recommendations and get ready to take notes.