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Your Playlist Sucks

Aug 12, 2020

Hosts Mark Horosko and Enbani Moore meet for the second time ever and get to know each other through the music playlists they made as “odes to their 14-year-old selves.” Mark and Enbani reflect on a recent New York Times study of Spotify listener data that found that men's musical taste forms roughly between the ages of 13 to 16, and discuss whether age 14 was foundational, whether the music they listened to then sounds good to them now and how their tastes have changed over time.

From rockin’ ‘fros, cliques and 5” growth spurts to Garden State and Air Force Ones, age fourteen appears to be a moment of inflection when transitioning from middle school to high school.  For our hosts, a general sense of unease and not fitting in is the common theme, whether growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba or Suffern, New York.  We think music listeners can relate.